EGMT 1540: This is My Body

Too many of us treat our bodies like cars. We fuel ourselves—often as inexpensively as possible—and we take ourselves to get checked out when we’re worried something might be up. But, if for some reason we wake up to find our cars don’t start, we can get a new one, or look for other alternatives. That is not the case when it comes to our bodies. This course invites students to meditate on the fact that we live our lives in bodies—these strange assemblages of flesh, blood, and bones. What limitations does our embodiment set upon us? What possibilities does it create? Through the seven weeks of this course, we will pay attention to the ways the world we live in shapes our bodies and the way we navigate that world. We will think about the ways our bodies are formed particularly given our experiences of gender, race, disability, and trauma. We will not only think about the ways our bodies are shaped, but also what we ought to do with these bodies that we inhabit. We will think about what we owe—if anything—to those who made our bodies in the first place. And we will learn about our obligations to care for our bodies and thereby to care for those around us.