EGMT 1540: The Way We Play

One of the first things we learn to do as children is play. We all come from play. Yet, we tend to think of play as trivial, frivolous, and sometimes bad. In this class, we take play seriously (though not too seriously, of course). The way we play, whether in serious or silly ways, shapes our worlds and ourselves. How has play formed you? How do you play now, as a student at UVA? Do we in modern society work too much and play too little (or vice versa)? Or, is play an element of everything we do – including work, religion, politics, education. If this is the case, then it would seem important that we learn how to play well, if we wish to lead good and fulfilling lives. How do we learn to play well? How can play go wrong? In this class, we will explore play by doing, by playing games, playing roles, and playacting. Throughout the class, we will reconsider the idea that play is inherently frivolous or without purpose. Students should come ready to play, reflect, and discover.