The College Curriculum

General Education requirements for the University of Virginia

College of Arts & Sciences


June 14, 2022 -- artsci

In this component, students explore the different scholarly practices and disciplinary thinking that exist throughout the Arts & Sciences. Students explore a wide range of topics and material drawn from seven disciplines that reflect the richness, breadth, and interconnectedness of the liberal arts and sciences. Students will take one class in each discipline, each consisting of many course options across numerous departments, giving students the freedom to tailor this component to their interests and schedule.

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Area Requirements

June 14, 2022 -- artsci

Students in this general education curriculum fulfill Area Requirements by earning the proper number of credits from courses taken in each of five different academic subject areas. The list of subject areas and their related credit requirement is:

  • Social Sciences - 6 credits from two different departments
  • Humanities - 6 credits from two different categories
  • Historical Studies - one 3 or more credit course
  • Non-western Perspectives - one 3 or more credit course
  • Natural Science and Mathematics - 12 credits from two different departments

Forums Beginning 2016

June 14, 2022 -- artsci

Creative Processes and Practices

Explore creativity and artistic practice through ensemble collaboration


Research the profound scientific and social impacts of epidemic outbreaks

Human Impact on the Environment

Trace the impact and effects of humanity on the environment

Mobility and Community

Discover links between social and economic systems that have profound effects

Visions of the Good

Tackle the considerations of determining what is “good” in our contemporary world

Forums Beginning 2017

June 14, 2022 -- artsci

Food, Society, and Sustainability

Investigate the role of food as a vital component of global humanity and an artifact of cultural, natural, and political systems.

Space, Knowledge, and Power

Consider the real and theoretical implications of spatial dimension on the human experience

Visions of the Good

Tackle the philosophical and practical considerations of determining what is “good” in our contemporary world.


June 14, 2022 -- artsci

We have asked faculty from across the College of Arts & Sciences to design their dream courses, then teach them to first-year students as a way of asking questions regarding Aesthetics, Empiricism, Difference, and Ethics.

Small, seminar-style courses that put you face-to-face with many of UVA's premier faculty, the Engagements are different from your typical first-year classes at UVA - they ask big questions with no right answers, asking you to discuss (and even challenge) your ideas and beliefs.

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The College Fellows

Unique to General Education at UVA are the College Fellows. Faculty from across Arts & Sciences departments join the College Fellows program for a two-year term to teach the core Engagement courses. Before stepping into the classroom, each cohort of College Fellows spends a semester collaborating on syllabi, projects, and big ideas that cut across disciplines in order to bring their dream courses to life.

The College Fellows