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Disciplines Plus Requirements

Disciplines Plus Requirements

Disciplines Plus Pathway

Students in the Disciplines Plus Pathway fulfill their general education requirements by taking courses across two components:

Literacies (variable credits)

Students in the College Curriculum must also complete the Literacies – three sets of courses with variable credit. While the Engagements cultivate mindsets that are fundamental to learning in the Liberal Arts, the Literacies equip students with the necessary skills needed to succeed in a rapidly-transforming world. The three Literacies include:

Disciplines Plus (30 credits)

The Disciplines ask students in the New College Curriculum to explore the varied ways our faculty approach knowledge, learning, and discovery. Students in the Disciplines Plus pathway must earn 3 credits in each of the seven Discipline categories, plus an additional 9 credits spread out across three grouped categories. Courses that count towards the Disciplines must be taken from seven different departments.

Courses taken to fulfill major requirements may count towards the Disciplines. While courses may be cross-listed in multiple Discipline categories, courses may only count towards fulfilling one category for each student (example: While HIEU 3321 Scientific Revolution is cross-listed in both “Science & Society” and “Historical Perspectives,” a student must individually choose which category she/he desires it to fulfill.

*Bachelor of Science Discipline Requirements

The following modifications to the Disciplines requirements are granted to those students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program:

  1. Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree may elect to take 12 credits in one or two of the three following categories (rather than 3 credits in each plus an additional group requirement): The Chemical and Physical Universe, Living Systems, and Science & Society.
  2. Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree may double-count one course (3 credits) towards fulfilling two of the following three categories: Cultures and Societies of the World, Historical Perspectives, Social and Economic Systems. The course in question must be listed in both categories for which it will count. Though the course may be listed in more than two categories, it may only count as fulfilling two categories.
  3. Bachelor of Science students must fulfill the Disciplines component by taking courses in six different departments. 


  • External credit earned before your first semester at UVA may fulfill some College Curriculum requirements. X000T credit does not satisfy general education requirements.

    External Credit

  • All courses that count towards the College Curriculum must be taken for credit and for a grade.
  • Courses that fulfill a Disciplines category may also satisfy the Second Rhetoric for the 21st Century Requirement where applicable.

To help students keep track of their progress towards completing the College Curriculum, the College offers requirement checklists for both the Disciplines Plus Pathway and the Engagements Pathway.

Disciplines Plus Pathway Checklist