The Literacies

The Literacies

Students in the College Curriculum also complete the Literacies. The Literacies equip students with the necessary skills and fluencies needed to succeed in a rapidly-transforming world.

Rhetoric for the 21st Century (6 credits)

The Rhetoric for the 21st Century literacy provides experience with rhetorical arts learned and practiced over the course of one’s life. These include written, oral, and digital forms of expression used by highly literate members of our society. Both the First Writing and Second Writing requirements comprise the Rhetoric for the 21st Century component of the new curriculum.

First Writing Course (3 credits)

All students in the College Curriculum enroll in a First Writing course. Multiple skill-levels are available to encourage the development of this literacy for all students. For information on placement, click here: First Writing Placement

Courses taken to fulfill the Frist Writing requirement cannot also satisfy any additional general education requirement such as, but not limited to, the Second Writing requirement, the Artistic, Interpretive, and Philosophical Inquiry (AIP) requirement (College Curriculum), or the Literature Humanities requirement (traditional curriculum). ENWR classes may NOT count toward any major or minor.

Second Writing Course (3 credits)

All students in the College Curriculum will enroll in a course that counts towards the Second Writing requirement. These courses are taught in the Disciplines and ask students to engage in the practice of writing as part of the course. Your Second Writing course can also count towards a Discipline requirement.

Search “Second Writing Requirement” in the Course Attributes field of SIS for a list of courses that count for this requirement.  Students may also petition to have a course fulfill the SWR by filing a  Second Writing Requirement Completion Form (note that a syllbus must be uploaded to the form). Click here for course quailfications for Second Writing Requirement.

All students except Echols Scholars must complete a Second Writing Requirement course with a grade of C- or better.

World Languages

The World Languages literacy prepares College students to interact and collaborate with multilingual communities across the globe. Students can meet the World Languages requirement by successfully completing one of the following courses of action:

  • Earn exemption by placing beyond the 2020 level by examination
  • Take 14 credits, or four semesters of a language in the proper sequence typically finishing at the 2020 level
  • After placement, complete the remaining courses in the sequence up to the fourth semester (usually 2020)

For placement information, click here:

Quantification, Computation and Data Analysis

The Quantification, Computation, and Data Analysis literacy enables students to apply mathematical skills to understand and solve real world problems. Students fulfill this requirement by completing two 3- or 4-credit courses that include some or all of the following:

  • Theoretical concepts and structures of mathematics and statistics including (but not limited to) pure mathematics, logic, and theoretical statistics.
  • Manipulation and interpretation of mathematical expressions.
  • Application of computational and analytical methods in order to manipulate, organize, summarize, and evaluate quantitative information and experience.
  • Theoretical and/or practical interpretation and communication of data in order to solve real-world problems

Note: this is not a Calculus requirement. Instead, students in the College Curriculum can fulfill this requirement in courses across the College of Arts & Sciences (including courses in Anthropology, Math, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, and more).

Search “Quantification ” in the Course Attributes field of SIS for a list of courses that count for this requirement.