The College Curriculum

Through the New College Curriculum, you will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative, comprehensive and interdisciplinary general education curriculum composed of three main parts; the Engagements, the Literacies, and the Disciplines.

The New College Curriculum is spearheaded by scholar-teachers serving as College Fellows—some of UVA’s best faculty. The result is an education in the liberal arts and sciences that is built upon a new first-year experience, a set of Engagements courses designed to help students flourish at UVA, in their chosen careers, and as active citizens.



We have asked faculty from across the College of Arts & Sciences to design their dream courses, then teach them to first-year students as a way of asking questions regarding Aesthetics, Empiricism, Difference, and Ethics.

Small, seminar-style courses that put you face-to-face with many of UVA's premier faculty, the Engagements are different from your typical first-year classes at UVA - they ask big questions with no right answers, asking you to discuss (and even challenge) your ideas and beliefs.

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Alderman library

In this component, students develop their capacity to understand and engage the world even more deeply. You will equip yourselves with modern languages, learning how to communicate in speech and writing, with numbers, and across barriers.

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Nau Hall

In this component, students explore the different scholarly practices and disciplinary thinking that exist throughout the Arts & Sciences. Students explore a wide range of topics and material drawn from seven disciplines that reflect the richness, breadth, and interconnectedness of the liberal arts and sciences. Students will take one class in each discipline, each consisting of many course options across numerous departments, giving students the freedom to tailor this component to their interests and schedule.

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New College Curriculum