Quantification, Computation, and Data Analysis

The Quantification, Computation, and Data Analysis literacy enables students to apply mathematical skills to understand and solve real world problems. Students fulfill this requirement by completing two 3- or 4-credit courses that include some or all of the following:

  • Theoretical concepts and structures of mathematics and statistics including (but not limited to) pure mathematics, logic, and theoretical statistics.
  • Manipulation and interpretation of mathematical expressions.
  • Application of computational and analytical methods in order to manipulate, organize, summarize, and evaluate quantitative information and experience.
  • Theoretical and/or practical interpretation and communication of data in order to solve real-world problems

Note: this is not a Calculus requirement. Instead, students in the College Curriculum can fulfill this requirement in courses across the College of Arts & Sciences (including courses in Anthropology, Math, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, and more).

Search “Quantification ” in the Course Attributes field of SIS for a list of courses that count for this requirement.