EGMT 1510: Videogames and Videography

Instructor: Ferguson

Recent years have seen vast advances in not only the technological capabilities of videogame systems, but also in the types of stories that such games can tell. In this class, we will explore Kentucky Route Zero, one of the most critically renowned and culturally resonant games of the past decade, and we will capture those explorations in the forms of a weekly play log, a print or digital zine, and a short video essay. Each week we will play through and discuss one of the game’s five Acts, and we will also work between class and the Robertson Media Center on basic skills and techniques for video editing. Our inquiry will conclude with a celebratory screening/exhibition of the class’s video essays and zine art. No prior technical knowledge is assumed or required, though access to a Mac or PC laptop with Steam installed is strongly recommended (it is also available on most contemporary consoles, though the experience changes a bit on each). All other programs besides Kentucky Route Zero itself will be free to download and install.
Day | Time:
TuTh 5:00pm - 6:15pm, TuTh 9:30am - 10:45am
Quarter Offered:
Fall Quarter One: August 22 – October 11
Years Offered: