The Engagements Experience

The Engagements Experience

Introducing the Engagements Experience (EE), a year long component of the general education curriculum designed to welcome students into the diverse and dynamic intellectual community that is the University of Virginia. 



  1. For each seven-week Engagements course, you will complete three Engagements Experience (EE) Tasks

    1. Attend the Spring '24 Engagements Experience Event (in person or virtually--more information below)
    2. Complete an Academic Advising Activity
    3. Complete an Engaging Grounds experience (more information below)
  2. Your College Fellow will ask you to attest that you completed each of the three components above. Check your course syllabus for instructions.

Engagements Experience Lecture Series

Each quarter, the College Fellows will select a featured presenter for the EE Event Series. Artists, scholars, thinkers, activists, leaders - at these events you will encounter individuals who, in their work and their lives, embody the principles of the Engagements. 

Students in the Engagements are expected to attend the EE Events each quarter. Students who have pre-existing academic conflicts (e.g., other scheduled courses, examinations, etc.) may watch a video recording of the event. Video recordings will be provided below several days after the event has concluded. Primers (articles, curated readings, etc.) will be made available to introduce students to the the keynote presenters or the concepts they will present. Students are also expected to have read the primer ahead of attending the Event. 

Spring '24 EE Events

Quarter 3 

This quarter, attend an arts event, performance, or film of your choice. For instance, consider Fralin First Fridays or exhibits, musical performances, plays, and UVA-sponsored movies screened on Grounds.

UVA arts events are free for full-time UVA students. For ticketed events, you can use the UVA Arts$ program to request free tickets.

The Engagements Program is hosting the Frederick Douglass Jazzworks on February 13th at 6 pm in the Old Cabell Hall auditorium. This event is unticketed and open to the public, should you choose this musical experience to complete the EE Event component.

Quarter 4 

An evening with Stacey Waite

Tuesday, April 9th, 7-8 pm, Old Cabell Hall auditorium

A performance and workshop by slam poet Stacey Waite.

Academic Advising Activity

Quarter 3 - Complete and print the Engagements Pathway Checklist

The Engagements Pathway checklist includes all your general education requirements. Take some time to complete the form during the first quarter of the semester. If you're unsure what courses have been used to complete your requirements, you can always refer to your Academic Requirements Report in SIS

Quarter 4 - Meet with your Academic Advisor

Ahead of enrollment for the Fall '24 semester, you should meet with your academic advisor to review your current achievements and your plans for enrollment next spring. While this is a requirement each semester while at UVA, the College Fellows want to underscore the importance of this meeting by including it in the EE. Come prepared to discuss not only the courses you want to take next semester but how you see the courses working together to lay the groundwork for further study while at UVA. 

These meetings should be held in person or virtually and should last 15 minutes.

Engaging Grounds

Each quarter you will participate in one Engaging Grounds experience. Please refer to your syllabus to learn more about what your instructor has planned for your course.