Prospective Fellows

Prospective Fellows

Proposal Due by Monday, October 16

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What are the College Fellows?

The heart of the New College Curriculum is the College Fellows, faculty drawn from across the College and entrusted with designing and teaching the core Engagements Courses (Engaging Aesthetics, Empirical & Scientific Engagement, Engaging Differences, Ethical Engagement) as well as representing faculty concerns and interests concerning the new curriculum as a whole.

For more information on the Engagement courses and the collective work of the College Fellows, please click here: What are the Engagements?

Who is Eligible?

All full-time Arts & Sciences faculty in ongoing appointments are eligible and encouraged to apply. This includes tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as General Faculty and Lecturers with ongoing appointments.

What is Required of the College Fellows, Cohort 9?


Faculty appointed as College Fellows traditionally serve four consecutive semesters in the program, beginning in the Fall and concluding in the Spring of the following academic year. College Fellows must serve the entirety of their term (excluding summers) in residence at the University of Virginia, with the expectation of participation in College Fellows functions throughout the two-year term. For those faculty for whom commitment in four consecutive semesters would pose a barrier to participation, modified contracts–including those which allow for Sesqui leaves and which accommodate necessary teaching in a Fellow's home department–will be considered to allow for maximum flexibility. The Co-Directors and the Dean’s Office remain committed to working with individual faculty members and chairs to find ways for all interested faculty to participate.

Cohort Orientation First Semester Last Semester
Cohort 9 Spring 2024 Fall 2024 Spring 2026
Cohort 10 Spring 2025 Fall 2025 Spring 2027
Cohort 11 Spring 2026 Fall 2026 Spring 2028



College Fellows design, develop, and teach in the Engagements Program. College Fellows on traditional contracts devote four consecutive semesters to teaching in the Engagements at a reduced teaching load from their departmental teaching load. In addition, Engagement courses are only 7-weeks in length, allowing for either a reduced number of preparations or potentially consecutive weeks without a teaching obligation.

For those faculty who must continue teaching requisite courses in their home departments during the College Fellows term, modified contracts will be considered to spread the 4-semester requisite teaching across a modified time frame.

Course Development

In addition to the two-year teaching term, College Fellows will devote several days to orientation and course development in the Spring prior to their term. During this time the Fellows will:

  1. Work alongside the already appointed College Fellows to conceptualize and refine the Engagement experience.
  2. Design and collaboratively develop individual Engagement courses.

In particular, members of Cohort Nine must be available to participate in the following Orientation and Course Design meetings in Spring and August '24 (locations TBD):

Thursday, February 15 6pm-8pm Welcome Dinner
Friday, February 16 9am-2pm College Fellows Orientation
Thursday, March 21 6pm-8pm Course Design Dinner
Friday, March 22 10am-2pm Course Design Workshop 1
Friday, April 12 10am-2pm Course Desing Workshop 2
Wednesday, May 8 10am-2pm Course Design Workshop 3
Tuesday, August 20 11am-2pm Syllabus Critique 1
Friday, August 23 11am-2pm Syllabus Critique 2

All new College Fellows – including those joining future cohorts – are also encouraged (though not required) to attend College Fellows sessions and workshops during the Spring ‘24 semester.


For the duration of their term, College Fellows will participate in activities to build collegiality and a shared vision of the undergraduate experience. This will take the form of regular meetings, colloquia, and when possible, dinners among the Fellows. This may also include College Fellows-sponsored events such as lectures for the University community, symposia, and seminars devoted to the liberal arts and sciences at UVA.


All research and service obligations to the College of Arts & Sciences and the faculty member’s home department continue during the College Fellow appointment. In addition, Fellows will share in the collaborative work of maintaining a robust program, including participation in new cohort orientation, course design workshops, research presentations for Engagements students, and other program development.

Modified Term

For those faculty for whom a full-time appointment to the College Fellows program would prohibit their ability to participate, modified appointments will be considered by the hiring committee. We also encourage College Fellow alumni to propose such a modified appointment.

What is the Compensation?

College Fellows will receive a salary supplement of $5,000 for every academic year in which they devote 100% of their instructional effort to the Engagements (for AGFM candidates, 4 EGMT courses will earn the full supplement).

  • Compensation may be offered in research funds rather than salary supplement if requested at the time of contract.
  • Full departmental course release will be offered during the corresponding academic semesters in which fellows are teaching in the Engagements.

While salary supplements are commensurate with the time devoted to Engagements teaching, the supplements serve as compensation for the preparatory work the College Fellows will undertake in the development of their courses. This includes (but is not limited to) the Spring orientation and course design workshops, assessment work, and various College Fellows functions.

In addition, the respective Associate Dean of College Fellow's home department will work with the department to provide resources to meet the instructional needs of the department for courses foregone due to the Fellow's Engagements teaching.   

How to Apply

Applications will be vetted by the General Education Advisory Committee. Final selection will be made by the committee in consultation with the Dean, Associate Deans, and with the approval of the applicants’ Department Chairs.

Applications must include the following:

  • Brief statement of intent (1-2 paragraphs): Explain your motivation and reasons for wanting to participate in the College Fellows. Please relate your proposed participation to your disciplinary work and the broader aims of the curriculum 
    • State how you would contribute to the ongoing development of the Engagements.
  • Note of Endorsement from Chair: Applications should include a short note of endorsement from their chair. Text may be copied and pasted or uploaded as a .pdf file.
  • Brief description of your dream Engagements Course (1-2 sentences)
  • Engagement preference: Identify at least two different Engagements (Engaging Aesthetics, Empirical & Scientific Engagement, Engaging Differences, Ethical Engagement) that you would be willing to cultivate – both through the design of individual courses and in collaboration with the fellows throughout the program. 
  • CV: Please upload your CV (short versions acceptable in .pdf format).  

Applications are due Monday, October 16, 2023 

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