EGMT 1510: The Monstrous Aesthetic

Monsters have and continue to hold a powerful effect on our thoughts and imaginations. Yet, what exactly is a monster? What can they tell us about the society they grew out of and why do they continue to thrive today? Can they be manifestations of ourselves and cultures or are they otherworldly and inhuman? Throughout this Engagements course, we will study the aesthetics of monstrosity and the ways artists and thinkers have envisioned and defined what it is to be a monster throughout human history. We will critically and theoretically study the monster across a number of artistic mediums, from painting and music to fiction and film. Throughout the class, students will encounter a number of different monsters both in class and around Charlottesville, and get a chance to research and present on a monster of their own.
Years Offered: 
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Fall Quarter Two: October 12 – December 5
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MoWe 3:30pm - 4:45pm