EGMT 1520: Origin Stories

How do we come to be who we are? What parts of our “selves” were evident from birth, and what aspects changed or emerged through our life story? This course will explore the fundamental principles of human development, drawing on theory and evidence from psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience. Together, we’ll discuss key questions of why humans evolved to have this strange thing called “childhood,” and what evidence can tell us about how intersecting identities and life experiences shape our brains, behavior, and possible futures. Just as children are active participants in their own development, you will actively shape your own learning in this course by engaging in critical discussion of the latest research on human development, reflecting on how developmental themes help make sense of your own “origin story,” and connecting with the many different stories of your fellow Hoos. Your primary task in this class is to integrate scientific evidence and personal narrative, so you will come away with a new framework for appreciating the beautiful and complex ways in which a human life unfolds from cradle to grave.