EGMT 1540: The Business of Being Born

o This course explores the ethics of assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs) as technological advances and burgeoning world markets expand the possibilities for creating new life. In the course, students will explore four ethical big questions.1) Is reproduction a personal decision, made after one is aware of the ‘birds and the bees’? Or is that decision affected by existing social policies, technological advances, and access to resources? 2) How do technological advancements in fertility treatments perpetuate social inequalities? How does access to assisted reproductive technologies shape the composition of the population? 3) How do people experience fertility and infertility? Is one identity more shameful than the other? 4) What role should the federal government play in oversight of fertility services, and access to ARTs? Enrolled students will pursue these questions over the course of seven weeks and dive into the murky waters of what is “right”, “wrong” or “iffy” but acceptably in the usage of ARTs.