Erin Eaker

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

I have broad research and teaching interests in the philosophy of biology and of the environment, and the history and philosophy of evolutionary theory. I am fascinated by the evolution of language, morality, and culture, and I enjoy dissecting concepts like biodiversity, human nature, and the distinction between natural and unnatural environments.  During my 2022 sabbatical, I followed Darwin’s path to the Galápagos Islands, seeing first-hand the fascinating examples of adaptive radiation that supported his theories.  While there I also thought about the ethics of “eco-tourism” and its potential for preserving or destroying ecologically sensitive areas. I am working on a book called The Traveler’s Dilemma that explores more generally the ethics of travel in the 21st century, and I am excited to be teaching an Engagements class on the same topic. Other recent classes include: Darwin and Philosophy; The Past, Present, and Future of Humankind; Humans, Nature, and Evolution; and Visions of the Good.