Jiajun Yan

Postdoctoral Fellow

My name is Jiajun Yan. I am a mathematician and I love math. For my research, I study gauge theory and explore its interactions with low-dimensional topology, representation theory, and singularity theory. So far, I have spent a lot of time thinking about 4-dimensional hyperkähler ALE spaces. To be precise, I gave a new gauge-theoretic construction of these spaces by realizing them as moduli spaces of solutions to certain PDEs, partially motivated by Peter Kronheimer's original construction. Apart from math, I'm pursuing a side career as an artist. I am extremely passionate about essentially all forms of art -- visual arts, literature, music, films, installation, performance and interactive art (video games included)... I have always felt that math and art are intertwined through their shared appreciation for beauty. I'm trying to explore the connection between math, art, and aesthetics in my teaching (under Engagements Course) — I believe it can be an approach to make math more accessible to the general audience as well as enhance our understanding of aesthetics. I sincerely hope I will be able to spend my life weaving the two disciplines a bit more together.