Kelly Dunham

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a bioanalytical chemist and post-doctoral researcher and who recently earned my PhD in May 2023 with Dr. Jill Venton at UVA. I love all things biochemistry, genetics, and their applications to pharmacology and drug design. I come from a small town in the upper Cumberland of Tennessee (between the Nashville honky tonks and blue ridge mountains). Growing up, I loved learning everything in school, but it took me a long time to find my passion. I also did not have many mentors or opportunities to explore STEM until I got to university. When I started my first year of undergrad, I fell in love with biology and chemistry and was able to start research with wonderful professors that made a tremendous impact on my life and helped me to pursue higher education and academia. I strive to be an impactful teacher that makes difficult scientific concepts more attainable and fun to share with others. I love scientific research and want to create a drive in my students to investigate the world around you, always ask questions, and find your passion here at UVA.