Ken Ono

STEM Advisor to the Provost ad Marvin Rosenblum Professor of Mathematics

As a kid, I was a huge baseball fan. I collected baseball cards for the stats. I still study numbers in sports for fun. I work with the UVA swim team and the US National swimming team. I coIlect numbers with gyroscopes and accelerometers, data that helps me offer tips that improve athletic performance. In my day job, I am a pure mathematician. I seek to solve age-old mysteries in number theory. Some of my work on numbers even reveals exotic phenomena in black hole physics. As you can see, I am a person who loves numbers. In light of all this, you might think that I am a staunch supporter of all things numeric. As we have entered the era of “Big Data”, where enormous data sets are collected and mined for information, you might think that I am happy as a clam. However, despite the best of intentions, the explosion of Big Data in modern life also has insidious consequences. As a College Fellow, I want to engage with first years by discussing how to best navigate our modern world of data and numbers.