Lauren Miller

Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences

My memories as a child are mostly outdoors, observing and using nature as inspiration for play and growth. Reflecting on the profound influence of teachers in my life, I was drawn to teaching as a profession and found that path through a love of nature and learning about our planet’s evolution over timescales that transcend human lives. My scholarly work focuses on using sediments and landforms to address elusive questions about glacier growth and decay and processes that contribute to glacier change on timescales of decades to millennia. Through storytelling of the land, I aim to have a positive impact, big or small, on others’ lives, inspire them to explore experiences that are outside of their own, and encourage them to engage with the physical world around them. I am an advocate of true, inclusive collaboration, resourceful field-, computer-, and laboratory-based science, and holistic professional development through research and learning experiences. I strongly believe that we as scholars and learners in the higher-education bubble have a responsibility to share knowledge far and wide to insight curiosity, hope, and the pursuit of the unknown.