Beginning in Fall 2020, College of Arts & Sciences' students will complete their general education requirements through one of two College Curriculum pathways: the Engagements Pathway and the Disciplines Plus Pathway. These parallel pathways are a short-term model while the College of Arts & Sciences continues to scale-up Engagement course offerings. In future years the Engagements Pathway will be the only pathway for fulfilling General Education courses.


Engagements Pathway

The Engagements Pathway includes eight (8) credits of Engagements, twenty-one (21) credits of Disciplines, and a variable amount of credits in the Literacies depending on World Language placement.

Disciplines Plus Pathway

The Disciplines Plus Pathway includes thirty (30) credits of Disciplines, and a variable amount of credits in the Literacies depending on World Language Placement. This pathway does not complete courses in the Engagements.


Students who do not participate in the Echols Scholars program will be randomly assigned to one of the above two pathways in May. Students who would like to participate a pathway different from what was assigned may submit an application (see below) during a brief window prior to summer orientation. A limited number of students will be permitted to switch curricular pathways based on availability. Once the window closes, the assigned pathway will constitute the general education requirements necessary for graduation.

Application to Alternate Pathway

Once notifications regarding pathway assignments are released in May, students may submit an application to participate in the pathway they were not assigned. The application requires a statement from the applicant (500 character maximum) indicating why they wish to switch pathways.

The window for applying to the alternate pathway is May 6 - May 23. Students will be notified during this time as to whether their application is approved. 

Key Dates for Class of 2025

  • May 1: Students must notify UVA of their offer of acceptance
  • May 6: Students are notified of their general education pathway placement. Window opens for application to participate in alternative pathway.
  • May 23: Window closes to apply for an alternative general education pathway
  • May 28: Students sent pre-enrollment survey.
  • June 8: Window closes for pre-enrollment.