EGMT 1520: In-Consciousness- How We Know Who We Are

This course offers a neuroscience perspective about altered states of consciousness and methods or portals to access them, including meditation, sound and vibration, breathwork, lucid dreaming during sleep states, and the power of intention. This engagements course will challenge assumptions about who you are and provide concrete tools for exploration and movement toward a more conscious awareness of self. What is consciousness? How have humans historically interacted with consciousness states? Why does our current scientific paradigm have a hard time supporting and explaining these phenomena? The experiential nature of this course will explore traditional and new portals to access various states of consciousness and discuss the limits of science in exploring consciousness activities, pulling from ideas in quantum physics, medicine, culture, and religion.
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Fall Quarter Two: October 12 – December 5
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MoWe 12:30pm - 1:45pm