EGMT 1530 - Engaging Differences

This course, one of four “Engagements” courses you’ll take as a first-year student, focuses on what we can learn from examining the ways in which we engage difference. Both within the university and beyond, you will encounter a range of contexts in which people differ, including distinctions of culture, religion, and nationality, as well as those of class, race, gender, sexuality, ability, privilege, and power. In a world in which difference is the norm, this class will ask how we will live and flourish together.

A course in "Engaging Difference" will help you:

  • recognize that social inequalities are historically produced and patterned along lines of difference; 

  • consider how differences function across social and temporal boundaries;  

  • consider how we develop and experience bias and discrimination, inclusion and exclusion; and 

  • recognize how power dynamics shape the impact of how difference works in the world.